The most powerful AI agent in franchsing.

AI-Powered Answers for Customers and Employees.

24/7 Support

for your business

Klarissa.AI helps customers & staff find the answers they need – when they need it.

Klarissa.AI is human-powered artificial intelligence

Customized with the knowledge of your business to deliver consistently accurate answers and run processes for your business 24 hours a day Р7 days a week. 

AI Powered

Klarissa.AI is programmed with internal specific information providing staff and customers the right answers every time.


With a little help from a human, Klarissa.AI improves over time. Working hard to close communication gaps and locate relevant information better.


Klarissa.AI is conversational and understanding. If there is no answer available, Klarissa.AI will route you to the best place for help.

Safe & Secure

Klarissa.AI is trained using a closed repository. This means you can trust your information is safe and will NEVER be used for training third-party AI's.

Unique Data

Klarissa.AI learns what unanswered questions your staff are asking. Coupled with visitor data and conversation tracking, you'll gain new insights into your business.

Lightning Fast

Not only does Klarissa.AI deliver consistently accurate answers 24/7 - in just seconds - but Klarissa.AI can also begin working for your business in less than 72 hours!


How Does Klarissa.AI Work?

AI is complicated, so we’re here to help manage the technical nuances. We keep the process simple so any business can get started.


We'll discover how Klarissa.AI can best serve your business and their staff.


Gather all of the information possible to help us train Klarissa.AI about your business.


We'll train Klarissa.AI with all of the data provided to produce accurate, consistent results.

Accessible Anywhere

via web or app


We work with you to configure Klarissa.AI to handle certain situations or route the user to the correct support.


When Klarissa.AI is ready, we can deploy to your franchise via web browser or custom mobile app.


When Klarissa.AI starts working for your business, we'll gather feedback & data that will help us continually retrain Klarissa.AI to close communication gaps and locate better results.


Want to try Klarissa.AI?

The possibilities start with a 20 minute consultation.