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Klarissa.AI Launches Pilot Program for AI-Powered Franchisee Support

Innovative solution aims to reduce support inquiries and provide franchisees with on-demand, 24/7 assistance. BLOOMINGTON, MN, USA, April 9, 2024 / — Klarissa.AI, an innovator in AI-powered franchise solutions, today announced a new pilot program designed to revolutionize how franchisors support their franchisees. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the program empowers franchisees and their

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ZeeTeach Merges into Klarissa.AI, Delivering 24/7 Support and Major Cost Savings for Franchises

This strategic move positions Klarissa.AI as the industry’s first Managed AI Partner, combining AI with human expertise for tailored franchise solutions. BLOOMINGTON, MN, USA, April 3, 2024 / — JazzJune, Inc. today announced advancements in its artificial intelligence (AI) technology have significantly enhanced its capability to serve the franchise industry. As a result, the company

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