Klarissa.AI Launches Pilot Program for AI-Powered Franchisee Support

Innovative solution aims to reduce support inquiries and provide franchisees with on-demand, 24/7 assistance.

BLOOMINGTON, MN, USA, April 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Klarissa.AI, an innovator in AI-powered franchise solutions, today announced a new pilot program designed to revolutionize how franchisors support their franchisees. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the program empowers franchisees and their staff to get accurate answers to their most pressing questions 24/7, putting a stop to endlessly searching for answers or resources and dramatically reducing the need for direct franchisor support.

Klarissa.AI offers a user-friendly, conversational way to access critical franchise knowledge. If the AI can’t immediately answer a question, it intelligently routes the user to the best source for help or offers the option to be notified when the answer becomes available.

“Franchisees shouldn’t have to wait for answers, especially when it comes to running their day-to-day operations,” said Alexander Londo, CEO of Klarissa.AI. “Our AI empowers teams by providing on-demand information, ultimately resulting in time-savings, improved efficiency, and happier franchisees.”

The Klarissa.AI pilot program offers a custom-tailored AI solution designed to streamline support by empowering franchisees with round-the-clock access to vital information through an intuitive, conversational interface. Klarissa.AI prioritizes understanding of your franchise’s unique knowledge, ensuring the AI provides accurate and relevant answers. Designed for scalability and with a focus on security, the platform is built to evolve with your franchise network, providing a secure & reliable support solution.

AI-powered support is the future”

One of Klarissa.AI’s unique strengths lies in its ability to learn and evolve alongside the franchise. A human-AI collaboration ensures that Klarissa.AI continuously improves over time. With each interaction, the AI collects data, gaining deeper insights into the specific needs and common challenges within the franchise network. Working with the franchisor, Klarissa.AI continuously refines its knowledge base, enhancing its ability to offer precise, tailored support and close communication gaps.

“The three-month program, priced at $5,999, is a game-changer, not just for Klarissa.AI, but for the entire franchising industry,” said Londo. “AI-powered support is the future, and we’re committed to making it accessible and impactful for franchises of all sizes.”

By the end of the pilot, Klarissa.AI will evaluate the program’s success and determine next steps, aiming to continue enhancing and adapting its solutions to meet the evolving needs of the franchising sector.

Franchisors interested in participating in this innovative pilot program and enhancing their operational support through AI technology are encouraged to sign-up at Klarissa.AI directly.