ZeeTeach Merges into Klarissa.AI, Delivering 24/7 Support and Major Cost Savings for Franchises

This strategic move positions Klarissa.AI as the industry's first Managed AI Partner, combining AI with human expertise for tailored franchise solutions.

BLOOMINGTON, MN, USA, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — JazzJune, Inc. today announced advancements in its artificial intelligence (AI) technology have significantly enhanced its capability to serve the franchise industry. As a result, the company is merging its successful brand, ZeeTeach, into a new AI-powered solution, Klarissa.AI. This strategic move positions Klarissa.AI as the leader in providing cutting-edge support technology and custom AI solutions for franchises.

Designed to drastically reduce franchisee support time and costs, this innovative approach unifies the strengths of ZeeTeach with next-generation AI that works round-the-clock answering questions, providing resources and routing users to the best place for help.

It’s set to revolutionize the relationship between franchisors and franchisees.”

“We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of franchisee support,” said Londo. “Klarissa.AI is more than just a tool; it’s a transformative force. With its advanced understanding, it’s set to revolutionize the relationship between franchisors and franchisees. We’re so confident in its ability to move the needle, that we believe Klarissa.AI may lead franchisors to rethink their internal support structures entirely.”

Klarissa.AI partners with franchises to create customized AI solutions for maximum impact. Franchisees get 24/7 access to vital answers, and if needed, Klarissa.AI seamlessly routes them to the best source for additional help. The artificial intelligence learns and improves over time, making it smarter with each use. Its user-friendly design fits right into daily operations, and top-notch security keeps sensitive information safe. Together, these features make Klarissa.AI a vital, secure, and efficient tool for answering questions and providing assistance.

The integration of ZeeTeach into Klarissa.AI is not just a merger of two brands; it’s a leap towards a future where franchise management is more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective. JazzJune, Inc. remains at the forefront of AI innovation, dedicated to harnessing its potential to solve real-world problems within the franchise industry and beyond.

“Klarissa.AI is more than a buzz word,” said Londo, “It’s a commitment to the success and satisfaction of every franchisee it serves, ensuring they have the tools and support necessary to thrive in a competitive marketplace.”

Explore the possibilities and learn how Klarissa.AI’s powerful features can reshape your support model. Visit Klarissa.AI today.

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